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Brick Strategy are experts in developing product strategies and modular product platforms. We support you to build flexible and cost efficient product portfolios.
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Product Portfolio Governance

Building a profitable product portfolio is not a one-time fix. It is about creating structures and solutions that generate sustainable results over the full product life-cycle. Unfortunately, too many improvement initiatives are seeking quick wins and are therefore missing the performance improvements that can be realized with a high performance over time. Implementing effective governance solutions in parallel with improvements to the product portfolio will secure high performance and a basis for continuous improvement over time.


Product portfolio governance support can come in many shapes and forms depending on the need in the particular client situation. Our approach starts by understanding the challenges in the different phases of the product process and what governance solutions that are needed to sustain and improve results over time. A broad range of areas are frequently affected by a change to the governance structure covering: the product process and related tools, KPI’s and targets, the organizational structure and mandates, sales configurators and PLM/PDM systems.


Having a solid product portfolio governance structure in place can improve results in many ways. As many companies have focused more on innovation than on phase-out of products that is typically an area where further improvements can be achieved. Clearer product processes, decision structures and systems can also be an important tool for tackling the ever-increasing demands for reduced time-to-market that has been a fact of life in many industries.


Quickly changing market needs required innovative solutions and reduced time to market. Implementing agile roadmapping shortened the lead time in the idea to launch process and improved cooperation and customer focus.