Product Strategy and Roadmapping - Brickstrategy
Brick Strategy are experts in developing product strategies and modular product platforms. We support you to build flexible and cost efficient product portfolios.
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Product Strategy and Roadmapping

The importance of making the right decisions for your product portfolio has grown significantly in today’s global and highly competitive markets. However, many product portfolios are still inconsistent due to e.g. legacy from M&A and changing customer requirements. Also, an unnecessary amount of resources are spent throughout the value chain as products and features are developed in a case-by-case fashion, trying to offer something for everyone. Hence, robust product strategies and roadmaps are the foundation for building winning product portfolios.


A product strategy should define a clear direction forward and provide a solid view of where and how to compete. The success of a product strategy is heavily dependent on how efficiently it is converted into action and improved results. Brick strategy has a practical experience of implementing profitability enhancing product programs in many different areas. We therefore put a strong emphasis on the transition from strategy to execution in our approach, to make sure that product roadmaps and improvement initiatives are integrated in the strategy process and aligned throughout the organization.


The effects that come from taking a more strategic approach to the product portfolio and product development activities are depending on the individual situation of the client. Typical results are a stronger common focus on developing the right products and customers together with a more attractive value proposition, improving the overall growth potential and margins. Also, significant cost optimizations in the assortment can be obtained both in terms of what products and services to offer to the market as well as to how the product architectures and supply chains should be developed.


Quickly changing market needs required innovative solutions and reduced time to market. Implementing agile roadmapping shor-tened the lead time in the idea to launch process and improved cooperation and customer focus.