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Brick Strategy are experts in developing product strategies and modular product platforms. We support you to build flexible and cost efficient product portfolios.
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Brick Strategy was founded based on the belief that winning product portfolios require a holistic and structured approach, going beyond the focus on individual products. In today’s competitive, fast-paced and complex environment it is not enough to optimize product portfolios incrementally. Instead, we believe that audacious, cross-functional and fact-based decisions are needed to manage variety and complexity simultaneously to create winning product portfolios.


Our systematic and integrated approach is built on long practical experience from Scania, leading industrial companies and consulting assignments in a wide array of industries. It provides the clear and fact-based link between customer needs and product development decisions required to fully optimize your product portolio. Throughout the assignment we also put a strong emphasis on hands-on transformation. Our practical approach and experience can therefore allow us to tackle challenges that few others can address.


We provide and nurture the expertise needed to create winning product portfolios in competitive, fast-paced and complex business environments.


We take a holistic perspective to optimize the result from a product range and value chain perspective.


We make things work in practice by supporting the client in the complex implementation of challenging portfolio change programs.


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Björn Eriksson

Björn Eriksson

+46 73 944 87 08


Daniel Strandhammar

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